The human body is central to my practice as both a visual artist and design researcher.

My work exists at an intersection between material culture studies, medical anthropology and design. I develop socially engaged projects that question the materiality of our bodies; drawing parallels between skin and cloth, our bodies and dress to communicate personal experiences of disruption, modification and appearance.

Previous commissions have explored women’s lived experiences of cosmetic surgery, weight gain and loss, and reconstructive surgical interventions as treatment for breast cancer. These have been funded by The Wellcome Trust, Arts Council Wales, Arts Foundation, Leverhulme Trust; And presented at Nike Design Kitchen, The V&A and Maggie’s Cancer charity. 

Participatory methods that I have developed through my arts practice inform the early stages of design research projects that I consult on. I am currently co-director of Design studio OurOwnsKIN; a joint venture with concept development footwear designer, Liz Ciokajlo. Here, I specialise in facilitating knowledge transfer across medical, material and design sectors during early phases of wearable product development.

Clients and funders of OurOwnsKIN include Kings College London, Innovate UK, Knolwegde Transfer Partnership and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.