Below is a series of papers, books and articles that I have contributed to..

·       (Forthcoming) Townsend, K., Solomon, R., Briggs-Goode, A., (eds) (2019) Crafting Anatomies – The Body in Contemporary Fashion and Textile Design, London: Bloomsbury. 

·     (Forthcoming) Papastavrou, M., Ciokajlo, E., Solomon, R., (2019) OurOwnsKIN - 3D printed footwear, inspired by human skin in Townsend, K., Solomon, R., Briggs-Goode, A., (eds) Crafting Anatomies, London: Bloomsbury.

·       Thimbleby, P., Wright, S., Solomon, R., (2018) Reconstructing Ourselves: An arts and research project improving patient experience. Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 9:1, p113-124.

·       Solomon, R., Sissons, J., (2014) Materials and making based languages to transcend disciplines. Mapping the Territory. Futurescan Journal – FTC Association of Degree courses in Fashion and Textiles.

·       Solomon, R., (2014) sKINship: An exchange of material understanding between plastic surgery and pattern cutting for fashion, In: Ravetz, A., Kettle, A., Felcey, H., (eds) Collaboration through Craft, London: Bloomsbury.

·      Money Matters - Guest Blog - Artquest - The role and importance of residencies in the visual arts.